About Us


“You are Beautiful”

“PIIRONA” is a clothing brand – shaded and styled with the most perfect designs created by Khushboo Chouhan.

We are here for you to fill your life with a lot of happiness by selling uniquely designed clothes to provide you with the best couture clothing and retail experience.

Our goal is to provide you with the best clothing experience, where we can help you accentuate your personality using abundant rich vibrant colors, designs and the best outfit patterns.

We don’t just provide you the best designed outfits, but also wear the promise of providing the customized clothes of your interest, where you can provide us your customized measurements and add more further considerable to fashion to make your garment incredibly unique.

Our founder, Khushboo Chouhan is a well experienced Fashion Designer who has studied Fashion Technology and worked as a stylist at various platforms and noted that our everyday clothing technology needs a major transformation. Apart from this, she tried to convey her designs and ideas through her fashion blogs as well. Being such an amazing fashion holder, she is blessed with creative fashion designs with a wide range of rich colors and diverse patterns of designs.

We are a beautiful vessel with a great capacity to give the best desired novel items of your interest. Also, our team is self motivated and self respected towards the collaborative environment to bring out the best out of all experiences towards shopping and designs.

We consume our efforts to bring out the most comfortable and affordable item of clothing. Also, we strive to give you the plushest online shopping with the perfect designs and make your every purchase the happiest one.

Hope you experience the best clothing bliss with us!
Happy shopping!